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  • The Guide to Central AC Installation  How Long Does Central AC Installation Take?  The timeline for completing a central AC installation can vary. It depends on the complete scope of work involved. For example, installing ductwork from scratch will require nearly twice

  • Scheduling regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system can help ensure that it runs at peak efficiency year-round. Still, there may be teams where HVAC repair is necessary.  Before the hot weather further intensifies, you should call a professional to

  • Delaying repairs for your AC system can cause more problems than just a hot home in the middle of the summer. When any appliance does not work as intended, this places a greater strain on its components and can result

  • Baseboard heating has remained a popular solution for warming smaller living spaces for decades. Apartment and condominium complexes often use them along the bottom of their unit walls to provide heat in the colder months.  However, are outdated systems causing too

  • When a heater smells like it’s burning, this can cause great concern for many homeowners. After all, most burning smells at home usually indicate a sign of danger.  In the context of central heat, though, is that always the case? When

  • What is a HEPA filter, and do you need one in your home? If you've heard of HEPA but aren't sure whether your HVAC system has one, needs one, or could even use one, take a look at the top