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  • What is a HEPA filter, and do you need one in your home? If you've heard of HEPA but aren't sure whether your HVAC system has one, needs one, or could even use one, take a look at the top

  • Pets often become part of the family. Unfortunately, these four-legged family members can cause a lot of problems for your HVAC system. If you have pets and want to take better care of your HVAC system, check out these four

  • What do you picture when you think of crucial elements of your home's HVAC system? If you're like many homeowners, then your outdoor condenser unit or indoor air handler probably spring to mind. While these high-ticket items often take center

  • (HVAC) system without giving much thought to how well that HVAC system genuinely serves the home. If you take the suitability of your system for granted, you might face years of substandard efficiency, comfort, and expense. Whether you find yourself installing

  • High indoor humidity causes more problems than simply making your home uncomfortable. Humid air in your home will promote mold and mildew growth and make it easier for contaminants to stay in the air, which could lead to allergy flare-ups

  • According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), running air conditioning over the summer accounts for 12 percent of a household's energy expenditure, on average. Although the usual cost of a household's energy bill is less than this in Idaho